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Building Restoration and Inspection Services in Tampa

1/14/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians performing building services Building services in Tampa FL

What's it like doing building restoration work?

Notes from our master technician on our most recent project...

We do not normally perform small drywall work, however this particular business could not afford any space loss. The home or business needs to be open and available throughout the process as well. We agreed to perform all this "customized" drywall work to make it easier for the business owners to continue running their business. After all, they are not in a business of searching out contractors for more than a dozen things that needed to be done.

Our crew chief is taking careful measurements as she is directing the reconstruction project in this water damaged Hillsborough home.

Why are building inspections important?

Building inspections are very important to property buyers before making a purchase. This is because there are many hidden things in a home a owner is unaware of such as previous water leaks, HVAC cleanliness issues, microbial growth areas, roof damage, cracks in the foundation, or unknown drywall damages like our technician had found.

Potential owners who don't make investments prior to having their property inspected are risking spending $1,000's potentially on unexpected repair costs. To have peace of mind, hire a company like SERVPRO of South Tampa to help evaluate your potential purchase before you invest any money in the structure.

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Be Emergency-Ready

9/15/2016 (Permalink)

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With the click of a button, you can have access to critical information that will help your business overcome disasters.
A reported 50% of businesses fail to reopen after suffering a major disaster.  Our goal is to help you ensure continuity and viability even in the most challenging of circumstances.
Across the nation, and free of charge, SERVPRO franchises have provided literally thousands of "Emergency Ready Plans" (ERP) to help commercial customers respond quickly and precisely to a disaster.  The tool helps ensure that your business will suffer minimal downtime and workplace continuity.
Call us, SERVPRO of South Tampa, and we will be happy to provide a complimentary, no-obligation ERP for your commercial properties.

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We are here to HELP and "Make it like it Never Even Happened"