Water Damage Photo Gallery


InjectiDry wood floors in bathroom

InjectiDry floor kit used to dry bathroom wood floors after the toilet broke and leaked. 

Wet Underlayment

Water Damage

This condo has water intrusion from the unit upstairs.  The water went down the walls and ruined the flooring.  Notice the puddles of brown water on the Underlayment of the Engineered Wood Floors. All of this was removed and a new floor will be installed.

Backup up flooded shower pipe

Backed Up Shower Pipe in Tampa

This photo was taken from a local residential property near the Tampa area. It was the cause of the damage in the property. If you need help with any restoration services, call SERVPRO of South Tampa today for a quick estimate!

Bayshore Blvd home flooded from storm damage in Tampa

Bayshore Blvd home flooded from storm damage in Tampa

When you are dealing with storm, flood, and water damage, immediate action is crucial. You should choose the company with storm damage experience and expertise that has the resources and equipment to handle the job. SERVPRO of South Tampa can respond immediately to storm and flooding conditions.

This home off of Bayshore Blvd in South Tampa had suffered from severe damage that we helped restore.